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Contests the Riite Way

It's time to compete!

Step 1: The Brainstorm

Influencer brainstorms a contest idea: meme contest, investment pitches, crazy personal stories, conspiracy theories, talent search, best-use-of-merch, etc. They record a short explanatory trailer (<15s) and send it to us.

Step 2: Submission

App users submit video or image entries in response to the trailer. Once a pre-defined number of submissions are entered, voting starts.

Step 3: Voting

Users decide the best piece of content through a fun swiping game on the Riite app. The entry with most votes is declared the winner and its ownership is fractionalized between winning voters (10%), the winning creator (55%), the contest designer/influencer (15%), losing contributors (5%), and Riite (15%).*

*Percentages may vary by contest but are indicative.


Step 4: Payday

After verifying the winning entry’s originality, Riite mints it, along with the trailer, as an NFT. With the creator’s approval, Riite lists the NFT for auction on a marketplace.  When the NFT sells, everyone gets paid.